Nikki Hayes Shares New Single ‘It Will All Make Sense’

Arizona-based singer and songwriter Nikki Hayes has just shared her brand new single It Will All Make Sense, a soulful and uplifing piece of Contemporary R&B. 
I am loving Nikki's rich, soulful vocals which sound both powerful and vulnerable, instantly capturing the listener's attention to her uplifting storytelling. Produced by Damian C and Farco, It Will All Make Sense unfolds like a personal diary entry, packed with intimacy, encouraging the listeners to find clarity and realise that things happen for a reason and one day it will make sense to us. This lovely message is backed by a steady beat that sounds like a heartbeat, setting the tone throughout the song and being paired with lush synths and rhythms that create an overall warm, comforting atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Nikki Hayes said, 
Everything in life plays out the way it's intended to, and it happens for a reason - whether that reason plays out later in life or we give it a reason and through that, we make sense of it. Everything makes sense one day.