Natalie Shares New Single ‘Torment’

American singer, songwriter and producer Natalie has just shared her brand new single Torment, a thumping piece of electro-pop music. 
Torment is Natalie's self-produced breakout single into the mainstream pop scene and I am loving it! Not only she produced it but also wrote and recorded the track independently! Her gorgeous, sultry vocals ooze confidence and sensuality, a feeling that is enhanced by a memorable bass guitar thump. Torment is a song about the back and forth of a tumultuous and toxic relationship, a message carried from from its nostalgic and melancholy beginning into a dancy four-on-the-floor hook. Have a listen to this infectious song below!



Speaking about the song, Natalie said,
I started by creating the bassline, it inspired me immediately. It felt haunting yet playful and I knew I wanted to match that energy lyrically. My favorite songs are the ones that can transition you from your bedroom to a night out.