Natalie McCool Shares New Single ‘Show Me What You’re Made Of’

British singer and songwriter Natalie McCool has just shared her brand new single Show Me What You’re Made Of, the latest single to be taken from her eagerly-awaited album, Memory Girl, which is out now via Fortress Sounds.  
I am really enjoying the emotion pouring from Natalie McCool's passionate vocal delivery which effortlessly connects us to her storytelling. Show Me What You’re Made Of is a song about reflecting about your life choices and how your choices, or lack of them, led to the person you are now. I am particularly fond of the song's ebb and flow to match the emotion pouring from Natalie's vocals and how much energy it has. Backing Natalie McCool's gorgeous vocals and storytelling we have expansive synths that are seamlessly intertwined with a memorable driving beat, soaring guitars and punchy drum patterns that create an overall warm atmosphere packed with energy and emotion. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Natalie McCool said,
This song came from the Memory Girl project; a call out for fans’ memories which I used as inspiration for a collection of new songs including my last single Memory Girl, released as my album’s title track. ‘Show Me What You’re Made Of’ was not written with any specific memory in mind, but it’s rather a reaction to those fan memories I collated that in turn made me think about my own life and experiences up to date. I consider this song as coming full circle to the whole album process. 
This song is angrier, more frustrated and defensive, it’s looking at your life choices and all the versions of yourself that have existed, and the things you did or didn’t do that have led to the current version.  I wanted to reflect all of this in the artwork, so the single cover is me at 17 in my first band, just starting out on my musical journey, full of ideas and hope and young naivety! The track’s whole end section for me is a massive emotional kick off, it’s cathartic and frustrated in equal measure and just builds and builds into this crash of an outro: “Show me what you’re made of - if only I could…”