Murdo Mitchell Shares New Single ‘Lies’

Rising Scot singer and songwriter Murdo Mitchell returns with his brand new single Lies, an upbeat folk/pop song out now via Icons Creating Evil Art. 
I am loving Murdo Mitchell's powerful vocals and how passionate his vocal delivery is, with a subtle raspy touch enhancing the emotion pouring from his vocals. Lies is a zippy, rhythm-driven track that highlights Mitchell’s need for addressing your own life choices as well as having to battle and live with your own inner thoughts. This very relatable song is wrapped around a string-heavy production that is seamlessly paired with steady drum patterns and killer guitars, together creating an overall energetic, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about Lies, Murdo states,
Lies is about navigating your way through life & not always making the right choices but always having to live with the choices you make. It’s a ‘feeling' song that tries to convey the anger & annoyance of your inner thoughts. Thoughts that otherwise would be buried.