Miki Rose Shares New Single ‘Wasted’ ft. El Train

London/Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Miki Rose has just shared her brand new single Wasted, a soulful, laid-back piece of R&B. 
Recorded at The Spotify Secret Genius Studios at Metropolis Studios, London. Wasted tells a story of the perspective and self-realisation that comes with accepting you’ve wasted your time and energy. This is a very relatable message as I am sure most of us have been in that situation, I sure have. This message is flawlessly conveyed through Miki's rich, soulful vocals which give a neo-soul touch to El Train's crisp production, combining contagious lyrics and an afrobeat rhythmic foundation to take the listener on a blissful sonic journey. Definitely one of those songs perfect to listen during a relaxing weekend or after a long, stressful day. Check it out below!