Mikey Ferrari Shares Heart-wrenching Single ‘Oxycontin’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Mikey Ferrari has just shared his gorgeous new single Oxycontin, his debut on Neon Gold Records. 
This heart-wrenching song depicts a difficult, scary time in Mikey Ferrari's life and is a way to connect with people that had, or are going through the same struggles. I am loving his passionate, heartfelt vocal delivery which is packed with raw, honest emotion, soaring effortlessly over the infectious acoustic guitar-based melodies. This is one of those songs that will give you the feels and absolutely in love with Mikey's vocals and honest storytelling. This gem is accompanied by a live performance video filmed near his Montana home and directed by Jax Anderson. Check it out below!



Mikey Ferrari says:
I wrote Oxycontin in an effort to depict a very difficult and scary time in my life, and to remind myself to never go back to that place again. The response to sharing a clip of the song was eye-opening, as I started hearing from people that had lost loved ones or struggled themselves in some way from the opioid epidemic. I decided to open up an email account for people to share their stories in a safe space. Having the privilege to connect to other people about my struggle and their own has been the most difficult yet rewarding part of making music for me thus far.