Martin Luke Brown Shares New Single ‘love is a black hole!’

British singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Martin Luke Brown has just shared his brand new single love is a black hole!, the third single to be taken from his upcoming debut album due to be released in 2023! 
Out now via Kartel Music Group, love is a black hole! is a captivating blend of indie, acoustic and folk elements that beautifully create a warm, laid-back atmosphere. I am loving the tone of Martin Luke Brown's voice and how it infuses the song with a vulnerable and emotional touch that is guaranteed to give you the feels. love is a black hole! was written with producer Matt Zara and depicts a friendly relationship between a boy and a girl, where the boy has feelings towards her. It's a song that captures the innocence of love, a feeling that is enhanced through Martin's gorgeous vocals and intricate guitar melodies that make the song quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience perfect for a chill day at home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Martin Luke Brown said, 
I wrote 'love is a back hole !' as a bit of an experiment with how true to life I could push myself to be lyrically. It makes me laugh how specific it is, even down to the expletives. It’s just a love song innit - true to my exact situation now. I wanted it to feel like a warm hug, Michael Cera, coming of age indie film sort of vibes.