Marthe Halvorsen Shares New Single ‘For the Dreamers & the Bold’

Montreal-based Norwegian singer an songwriter Marthe Halvorsen has just shared her brand new single For The Dreamers & The Bold, the title track from her upcoming sophomore album, set to arrive in Spring 2023. 
For the Dreamers & the Bold is a dreamy evocative Indie Folk track that finds Marthe Halvorsen beautifully showcasing her gorgeous vocals which sound both powerful and vulnerable at the same time, conveying a unique sincerity that gives her a special ability to touch something deep inside the listener. The song came to Halvorsen at a time when she was feeling a bit frustrated with humanity, with the current social political climate getting more polarised and creating distance between people. Marthe was longing for another reality with more nuances and compassion, and for a world where humbleness is seen as a virtue. This message is wrapped around a captivating indie-folk production with intricate guitar melodies and warm rhythms that together create a heartwarming, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the album, Halvorsen said, 

On this new album I have been diving deeper into the producer role, spending time crafting and perfecting my sound. As a woman in the music industry, it is important for me to be in charge of my own sound, and I feel very honored to work with some very talented collaborators who are all helping me bring my vision to life.