Luzzey Shares New Single ‘Darkside (Like I Do)’

London-based artist Luzzey has just shared his brand new single Darkside (Like I Do) a pop ballad infused with tribal pulls on the heartstrings. 
I am really enjoying his rich, honeyed vocals which are packed with soul and emotion, beautifully capturing the listener's attention to his relatable storytelling. Darkside (Like I Do) is a song about heartbreak, when both part ways but one can't seem to let go, knowing that nobody else would love them as they do. This eulogy to love, companionship and heartbreak is backed by jangly guitar riffs, dramatic drums and soothing melodies that together create an overall warm, radio-friendly heartfelt ballad. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Luzzey said, 
The record expresses how you will do anything for the one you love and the reality of a relationship when one person goes and the other can’t let go. Especially knowing no one else can love them like you.