Low Lying Sun Share Euphoric New Single ‘Heaven Knows’

Essex-based outfit Low Lying Sun, consisting of frontman Michael Hemmings, guitarist Ross Connell, bassist Matt Chan, and drummer Noah Booth, have just shared their euphoric new single Heaven Knows, out now via Lab Records. 
Michael Hemmings' mesmerising vocals are my favourite element of this song as they are packed with so much raw, honest emotion that beautifully make us feel each and every word he is singing. His vocals are backed by a rich and powerful texture that showcases the broad and triumphant indie-rock aesthetic they have been cultivating throughout the last year. Heaven Knows is a song about being faced with a dilemma and running a scenario through our heads to make sense of things. This message is wrapped around an anthemic indie-rock production that features soaring guitar riffs, hard-hitting drum patterns and rhythms that make the song quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new release, they said, 
Heaven Knows is about a question, a hypothetical. The song is epitomised with the line ‘Why did it end in love?’. It’s about running the scenario through in your head as to whether or not you should fully let something in when it rears its head again. You can either engage with it or not and both of those options are hard to take. If you just felt hate or anything less than love, then the decision would be easy but instead you are left with this dilemma.