liv. Shares New Single ‘Lemon’

New York-based singer and songwriter liv. has just shared her brand new single Lemon, an upbeat song taken from her debut album, Young, Dumb and In Love, out now via Red Moon Recordings. 
I am really enjoying liv.'s smooth, expressive tone and how her vocal delivery glides beautifully atop the upbeat Americana-infused alt-folk production. I am also very fond of Nathan Kalish's backing vocals which enhance the emotion pouring from liv.'s vocals. Written as a coping mechanism for a breakup, Lemon shows the bittersweet aspects of a breakup; from the pain of heartache to the possibilities of eventually finding something/someone better. This message is backed by lush guitar riffs which are seamlessly intertwined with steady drum patterns and rhythms that create an overall warm, upbeat atmosphere. Check it out below! 

Speaking about the song, liv. said, 
I wrote this song as a coping mechanism for a breakup. Lemons are, in terms of taste, a rather sour fruit, but they actually have very high sugar content, making them more “bittersweet” than anything else. I would argue that the word “bittersweet” is a perfect way to sum up what heartbreak is: it’s bitter because it hurts, but it’s sweet because it opens the door for something better. I wrote this song the night I got dumped, and the song was almost impossible for me to get through without hysterically sobbing by the third verse.