Lina Cooper Shares New Single ‘Help Yourself’

American singer and songwriter Lina Cooper has just shared her brand new single Help Yourself, an upbeat indie pop song perfect to sing along to. 
Written about her friend's ex-girlfriend that hated Lina (And released a song about her that went viral), Help Yourself is Lina's way of telling her to go bother someone else. It's a song about taking the moral high ground and not let others bother you. I am very fond of Lina Cooper's lovely, expressive vocals and dreamy harmonies which are backed by lush guitars and rhythms that together create an overall warm atmosphere, making the song perfect to sing along to and brighten up your day. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Lina Cooper said, 
I wrote this song about my friend's ex-girlfriend that hated my guts (and actually dropped a song about me that went viral). But instead of hating her back, this is my way of saying "go bother someone else with your miserable life". I wanted to have a song that I could listen to whenever I feel not good enough and feel better.