Lerocque Shares New Single ‘When I Was A Kid’

Lerocque, the moniker of Portuguese-born, Swiss-raised/based singer and songwriter Pedro Rodrigues, has just shared his brand new single When I Was A Kid, a nostalgia-infused piece of alt/electro-pop music out now via SWUTCH music. 
The star of the song is definitely Lerocque's deep, rich vocal which beautifully connects the listeners to his relatable storytelling. When I Was A Kid is an ode to the carefree times of being a kid with big dreams, when everything seemed possible to achieve. It's an appreciation to those joyful moments before life got real and things didn't really go as we thought when growing up. It still has a hopeful and uplifting touch reminding listeners that all we need is passion to make our dreams come true. This message is backed by a polished production that features cool rhythms, lush synths and drum patterns creating infectious melodies and a memorable chorus perfect to sing along to. Its accompanying music video beautifully embodies the song's nostalgia and relatable message and you can check it out below!