KIDS Share Debut Single ‘Alcohol & Cigarettes’

London-based genre-bending outfit KIDS have just unveiled their official debut singles Alcohol & Cigarettes and Settle Down
These two gems are the perfect example of the band's unique sound that looks to blur the lines between indie, rap, Britpop, punk and so much more, with Alcohol & Cigarettes being a more vibrant offering while Settle Down is a more tender and intimate cut. The former tells the story of how band leader Beau Blaise dealt with his first breakup while Settle Down is a song that focuses on the first time we start having feelings for someone else. I am very fond of the guitars and how confident, yet earnest and emotional, the vocal delivery is gliding effortlessly over the polished production and infectious melodies. These two songs tell a relatable story that you can check out below!



Speaking about the new offerings, they said,
Alcohol and Cigarettes is a party song for sad people. It tells the familiar tale of putting on a brave face whilst distracting yourself after a breakup. Unhealthy nights out, bad hookups and booze may distract us from our feelings but inevitably leave us unfulfilled. Settle Down happens later. Whilst still leaning on vices and going out, it describes the first time we start to have feelings for someone else. Even if the relationship doesn’t become romantic, having those feelings again means we have begun to heal. The good times will come again.