KEiiNO Share New Pop Anthem ‘Nights of Thunder’

Norwegian pop powerhouse band KEiiNO are back with a powerful electro-pop gem called Nights of Thunder, out now via Virgin Music.  
Combining Norwegian and Sami traditional music with electro-pop, Nights of Thunder is a powerful cross-genre anthem with a highly memorable chorus that will get you humming to it in no time. I am a fan of Alexandra's gorgeous vocals and how they effortlessly convey the emotion of their storytelling, being beautifully backed by Frank and Tom's vocals. Nights of Thunder features dark synths and folky violin that play against an uplifting melody that is intended to mirror the word of today.  
Nights of Thunder will be the first song performed in KEiiNO.WORLD on November 23. This is a digital community for everyone who embraces diversity and a place where KEiiNO will perform and connect with fans. Have a listen to this gem below!