Kacey McClain Shares New Single ‘Unwanted’

American singer and songwriter Kacey McClain has just shared her brand new single Unwanted, an upbeat electro-pop song about a relationship that ended badly. 
I am really enjoying the tone of Kacey McClain's voice and how smooth her vocal delivery glides atop the upbeat production. Co-written with Collin Keller, Unwanted is a song about being at the point in a relationship when love is gone and both feel unwanted, and you realise you're better off on your own than settling for someone that never makes you a priority in their life. This message is wrapped around an EDM-inspired electro-pop production with cool guitar plucks seamlessly intertwined with cool rhythms and expansive synths that match the energy and emotion of her storytelling. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Kacey McClain said, 
Co-written with Collin Keller, Unwanted was written about a relationship a couple years ago that both started and ended badly. The reason I gave the relationship a chance was me trying to open my mind and grow personally and I was going through the loss of my Mom so loneliness was at an all time high. I later regretted my decision to give this open relationship a try but you live and learn! n the end I learned that I want to be my person’s priority in a relationship and that I couldn’t settle for someone who would never make me a priority and in the end I didn’t want him either so we were both unwanted!