Jesper Hasnaoui Shares New Single ‘It’s That Time Again’

Time for another gem by Norwegian singer and songwriter Jesper Hasnaoui. Taken from his debut album Twenty Eight Year Slumber, It's That Time Again is a warm and comforting piece of folk/acoustic music about how the seasons are changing and how the same memories come back every year. I am really enjoying Jesper's effortless storytelling and how it is nicely conveyed through his lush vocals that are backed by intricate acoustic guitar melodies and subtle bird chirping sounds that enhance the song's warmth and chill vibes. Check it out below!



There's also another song of his that I really like. It's called Birds Flying Home and apart from his gorgeous vocals it also features the lovely, soothing bird chirping sounds and guitar melodies. This is a song about how the birds are flying home every year and how magnificent it really is when you think about it. Check it out below!