JÁNA Shares New Single ‘Ignorancy’

Swedish queer artist and producer JÁNA (aka Johanna Andrén) has just shared her brand new single Ignorancy, a super smooth R&B-lacked alt-pop song about having relationships with someone you know isn't either emotionally or phsyically available. 
Taken from her upcoming debutt album, due for release in 2023, Ignorancy was produced and written by JÁNA and Swedish producer FAMILY_TIME and is a dreamy, super chill piece of music that won me over from the start. I am loving her dreamy, expressive vocals which are packed with soul and emotion, gliding effortlessly atop the lush melodies that feature a static synth and steady beat that are paired with an infectious topline with influences of early Frank Ocean and Tame Impala. Have a listen to this chilled out gem below!



JÁNA comments on the track
‘Ignorancy’ is about the ignorant act of having relationships with people I know were unavailable, either emotionally or in another way occupied by something or someone. While writing the track this became clearer to me for each time me and my co-producer Kalle (FAMILY_TIME) met in the studio I’d had new experiences that made me relate even more to the song and I think I finally landed in it being about my own ignorance.