henrikz Share New Single ‘Brokenhearted’ ft. Nick&Dré

Danish producer, remixer and writer henrikz has just shared his post-breakup anthem Brokenhearted, an upbeat EDM cut out now via the new UMG owned electro-label WRLDS Records.
henrikz's ability to hide sorrowful lyrics about a heartbreak in a modernized dance-pop beat, truly shines through on Brokenhearted. For this song, henrikz teamed up with fellow co-writers Nick&Dré and co-producer THOBY and the end result is a powerful blend of slaphouse, dance-pop and EDM. I am really enjoying the expressive vocals which beautifully enhance the emotion of the lyrics, soaring effortlessly over powerful energetic bass rhythms and jamming house references that together create an overall euphoric and anthemic atmosphere perfect to get you dancing and singing along in no time. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, henrikz said,

Thoby's dynamic slaphouse bass just pumps out good feelings. That, merged with my dance-pop synths, just compliments each other so well. Only then, people will get that split feeling of 'Do I want to dance, or do I need to cry?'. So, 'Brokenhearted' is kind of a guilty pleasure - or cure. Hopefully people can either relate, or vibe in the club. It's kind of funny, when you don't know whether to cry or to dance.