Hazlett Drops New Single ‘Tell Me What You Dream About’

Rising Stockholm based Australian singer and songwriter Hazlett has released his brand new single Tell Me What You Dream About, a smooth and emotional piece of indie-pop music out now via Nettwerk Music. 
I am a fan of Hazlett's smooth vocals and how expressive they sound, beautifully capturing our attention to his relatable storytelling. Tell Me What You Dream About is a song that encourages listeners to see things from a different perspective, a message that is backed by hypnotic guitar work and irresistible melodies that make the song perfect for a road trip. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song,
Hazlett said,I think you need to step out of your own self to see things clearly sometimes. Life becomes pretty heavy when you can't brush by a little inconvenience or the fear of failing. So, I tried to picture what my future self would be telling me if we were friends. Waiting for me, cheering me on and reminding me of everything I’ve done so far. I think we forget that we need to encourage ourselves from time to time.