Hanne Kah Share New Single ‘Family’

German pop-folk band Hanne Kah have just shared their brand new single Family, a heartwarming and upbeat piece of folk/country music. 
What I like the most about the song is the powerful, expressive vocals and harmonies that are packed with so much soul and emotion, soaring effortlessly over the upbeat production. As the title implies, Family is a song about how the ones we love are our family and how they are here to help us go through the hard times in life. It's a song about that love that allows for us to stick together and feel save and loved. This message is wrapped around an upbeat folk/country production with gorgeous guitar riffs seamlessly intertwined with handclapping sounds, lush piano chords and punchy drum beats that enhance the emotion and blissful atmosphere of their storytelling. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Hanne Kah said, 
Our brand new single is called FAMILY and it’s a song, that’s very dear to my heart! 2021 was a year of loss and bad news for my family and me and when tragedy hit’s you there’s no immediate grief. There’s numbness, weakness and disbelief and first and foremost the question: how to continue? But the worst times often show the best in humanity, so we stuck together! My family, as well as my extended family - which is my band. Covid couldn’t throw us back, so there was no stopping now. We got together. Cried. Laughed. ...and all of this fueled our creativity until there was this song. FAMILY. It is a song of love and of hope. It’s a light in the dark, an umbrella in the rain, a spoon in a soup. It is what family would sound like to us, if it were a song. So grab your dear ones. Tell ‘em you love them.. and even if they’re not around anymore, remember: where are you? i am still right here!