ENISA Shares New Single ‘Just A Kiss (Muah)’

Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter ENISA has just shared her brand new single Just A Kiss (Muah), an upbeat, sensual piece of electro-pop music out now via Atlantic/Highbridge The Label. 
Written by ENISA an co-written with Marc Sibley and Nathan Cunningham of the production duo Space Primates (Alesso & Katy Perry “When I’m Gone”), Just A Kiss is an interpolation of the Turkish song "Kiss Kiss" by Tarkan and is about the fun of being a tease when it comes to dating. I am a fan of ENISA's rich, sultry vocals and how they are beautifully backed by a danceable, feel-good production that brings the best elements of Tarkan's original to today's modern electro-pop soundscape. 
Accompanying the release, ENISA has shared its lively, cheerful visuals, directed by Azzie Scott, which beautifully embody the song's lighthearted, fun atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song ENISA said, 
I grew up loving music from all around the world, and this one track by Tarkan had a chorus melody that always randomly played through my head growing up, so I knew one day I wanted to put it in a song but make a whole new version with a different concept! I went to the studio with that song in mind and created "Just a Kiss (Muah)". I'd love for the new generation to listen to my song and feel the same way I did with the Tarkan one. "Just a Kiss (Muah)" is about the fun of being a tease when it comes to dating & knowing you have the power to say yes or no! I wanted to make a really catchy, fun, lighthearted song that people can dance to, that also has the element of nostalgia!