Ellen Krauss Shares New Single ‘Tie Me Down’

Swedish pop singer and songwriter Ellen Krauss has just shared her new single Tie Me Down, a shimmering alt-pop cut out now via Tiller Inc. 
I am a fan of Ellen's sweet, alluring voice which beautifully captures the listener's attention to her heartfelt storytelling. There's something about the tone of her voice and delivery that really makes me hypnotised and wanting to come back to the song over and over again. Tie Me Down captures more of that warm and heartfelt texture Ellen is known for, singing about yearning for the perfect companion, making one not wanting to commit because they thing someone better will show up. This message is wrapped around a broad and immersive production that features lush guitar-based melodies which are seamlessly intertwined with lush percussive elements, catchy rhythms and delicate piano keys that enhance the emotion pouring from her gorgeous vocal delivery. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new offering, she said,
The song is about not wanting to commit to someone because you’re convinced you’ll find someone even better. But you still stick around just because it’s good and exciting. I wrote this song this fall, I was out and about, dating round and it was great but it was always like ”she’s not you”.