Eleanor Shares Debut Single ‘Make Sense’

Canadian singer and songwriter Eleanor is sharing her debut single Make Sense, a showcase of her R&B sound, which is inflected with soul and alternative/indie influences. 
Out now via Terefe Sounds, Make Sense is a conversation between Eleanor and her mother, lamenting for the experiences of her generation, impacted by inflation, recessions, and quarantine. It's a song about how frustrating it is to not reach certain milestones "on time", as our peers and society expects us to. I can relate to this frustration as I feel I am falling behind on all these milestones but I believe we shouldn't allow others and society to define how we should live our lives. Make Sense beautifully showcases Eleanor's rich, soulful vocals which are backed by a polished soulful r&b production with cool guitar plucks, warm rhythms and backing vocals creating an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!