Crybabyamy Shares New Single ‘Validation’

Irish singer and songwriter Crybabyamy has just shared her brand new single Validation, an alt-pop anthem for a generation of young adults who struggle to find a balance between the connection that social media provides, and the overwhelming attention that it demands. 
Validation finds the 20-year-old newcomer beautifully showcasing her rich, expressive vocals and raw, emotive style that won me over from the start. This is a song about the impact social media has in our lives, as most can't help staying connected to them, constantly checking their phones in search for some sort of virtual validation. This chase and love/hate relationship with social media is wrapped around a captivating blend of electro and alt-pop elements, featuring groovy rhythms seamlessly intertwined with catchy synths, groovy guitar lines and beats that create infectious melodies and an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a carefree weekend. Check it out below!



Crybabyamy says,
‘Validation’ is a song about being obsessed with the attention we get from posting and being on social media. I see it as an anthem for young people, who are going through the motions of having a love/hate relationship with social media. I know I struggle with the vicious cycle of picking up my phone and putting it down again. Always chasing validation!"