Chillmonday Shares New Single ‘On My Mind’

South Korean London based indie dance music artist/producer Chillmonday (aka Yangrae Cho) has just shared his brand new single On My Mind, a chill yet danceable piece of electro-pop music. 
I am loving the warmth and soul pouring from his vocal delivery which beautifully creates a feel-good and sensual atmosphere that won me over from the start. On My Mind is a song about someone who’s trying to navigate through an ambiguous relationship while pushing the invisible boundaries of the so called ‘friendzone’. This relatable story is backed by a polished electronic production that features dancey drum grooves seamlessly intertwined with lush synths and rhythms that create an overall feel-good, danceable and sensual atmosphere perfect to brighten up your day. Check it out below!



Chillmonday said,

I believe many people have experienced this before, I wanted the audience to picture a risky situation, whereby there's a thin line between love and friendship and the pivotal moments surrounding exploring being 'more than friends'".