Celine Love Shares New Single ‘Silver Lining’

London-based singer and songwriter Celine Love has just shared her brand new single Silver Lining, a neo-soul-infused piece of contemporary r&b out now via Unity Records. 
The debut track of her upcoming Colouring In EP, Silver Lining beautifully showcases Celine Love's rich, soulful vocals which are packed with raw emotion, instantly connecting the listeners to her relatable storytelling. Silver Lining is a song about losing touch with friends and is Celine's way to apologise for the ones she has left behind. I am very fond of the touches of melancholia which are enhanced by the subtle guitar lines, punchy beat, warm rhythms and voicenotes throughout the song. This is one of those songs perfect for a chill, introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Celine Love said,
‘Friendship bracelets weren't enough, to hold on to us’ is my favorite lyric. It means that a simple childhood bond is not enough to upkeep an adult friendship. Voicenotes throughout the song (in German & English) are from friends describing how and why we lost touch. This song is a lesson, a vibrant yet melancholic and honest apology to those I’ve left behind.