Beth McKenzie Shares New Single ‘permission to love me’

British singer and songwriter Beth McKenzie has just shared her brand new single permission to love me, a piano-based pop song out now via Treehouse Records. 
Taken from her upcoming EP Welcome To My Mind, permission to love is a deeply personal song to Beth as it is a conversation between her current self and her inner child. Beth asks her inner child to trust her, to let go of control and allow her to take care of her. This is quite a relatable song especially for those that have struggled with mental health issues, making them put up so many walls as a way to protect themselves. I am really enjoying the way the song shares a positive message to love ourselves first, to take time to look after ourselves and live the life we want for ourselves. This is quite an intimate look at Beth McKenzie's mind and life, a heartfelt and honest message that is accompanied by lush piano melodies that are seamlessly intertwined with captivating rhythms and strings, creating an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for her vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Beth McKenzie said, 
I wrote this song after an intense session with my therapist, she really helped me understand what was going on inside my mind; she made me aware of the subconscious battle between me as an adult and my younger self. My therapist taught me that to move on with my life, I need to both forgive & ask for forgiveness from my inner child. As a teenager, I struggled with my mental health extensively, I was in an environment that brought out unhealthy coping mechanisms & led me down a dark path. As my therapist explained to me, these unhealthy coping mechanisms were very much like a child throwing a tantrum because they’re hurt or scared. So, this song is me (my adult self) reassuring my younger self that she no longer needs to put up these walls, because I’m in a place where I am able to look after us and keep us happy and healthy. I’m asking for permission to love myself, to take care of myself & live the life I want for myself.