Bay Bryan Shares New Single ‘Far Away’

Manchester-based, American alt-folk singer, songwriter and actor Bay Bryan shared their exquisite new single Far Away, the 4th single to be taken from their upcoming album, The Meadow, due for release in 2023. 
Out now via Kycker Music, Far Away finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing their commanding-yet-delicate vocal soaring over a graceful instrumentation. The track flows in diary-like stream-of-consciousness, with satisfying twists and turns that leave the listener with a warm sense of resolve. Far Away is a song about the excitement and anticipation prior to a change in your life, a relatable song that is wrapped around a polished blend of elements of folk, jazz and musical theatre. Apart from those gorgeous vocals, I am particularly fond of the lively instrumentation with lush clarinet being seamlessly intertwined with lush guitar lines, killer percussive elements and synths that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a chill, introspective weekend at home.



Talking about the track, Bay reveals, 
Far Away to me is that dreamy and romantic moment before a momentous shift in your life. Where you’re revelling in the feelings of excitement and anticipation --dreaming up what is to come while looking back nostalgically on what has been. It’s that more fantastical time before sh*t get real...