Anni Shares Heartfelt New Single ‘Guest List’

Los Angeles-native singer and songwriter Annika Grace (now releasing music under the name Anni) has just shared her powerful, melancholic new single Guest List
I am absolutely in LOVE with this song as its moody, melancholic touch really matches how I'm feeling at the moment and allows for the listeners to fully connect to what Anni is singing. Guest List is a heartfelt ode to her late mother and others that have passed too early, a powerful message flawlessly delivered through Anni's smooth, emotional vocals which are backed by a stunning piano-based melody that is seamlessly intertwined with airy electronics, lush rhythms and haunting harmonies. It's a song with a lot of emotion which is guaranteed to give you the feels and get you in a contemplative mood. Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking about the song, Anni said,
This song was written by myself and produced by classically trained pianist Kevin Hutch. This is an ode to those lost, and wishing there was a way to visit heaven, to be put on a 'guest list'. After my mother passed last year from cancer, it was hard knowing I'd never be able to talk to her again and I wished there was a 'Guest List' to visit heaven in a way - to catch up with the people we've lost.