Amelia Wray Shares New Single ‘disappear’

American actress, singer and songwriter Amelia Wray has just shared her brand new single disappear, a heartfelt pop ballad out now via Annaline Music. 
Co-written by Michael Orland (American Idol) and Bill Grainer (Jennifer Hudson, and produced by Miklos Malek (Jennifer Lopez, Anastacia), disappear is a teenage heartbreak song that beautifully showcases Amelia Wray's emotive, soul-drenched vocals which soar atop delicate piano chords, punchy drum patterns and soaring guitar lines that build up in pace and energy to match the emotion pouring from her vocals. Have a listen to this lovely pop song below!



Speaking about the song, Amelia Wray said it is about,
being more than friends — but less than lovers — with someone for over a year, and suddenly one day everything changes. It leaves you feeling lost and confused when they act like nothing ever happened between the two of you. So I wanted to write a song that everybody could relate to when they're pretending or acting like you just disappeared into thin air, which doesn’t seem fair because you’re not able to do that can’t let go so easily.