Alta Falls Share New Single ‘I’m At A Loss’

Brisbane indie/alternative outfit Alta Falls, consisting of Nathanael Hubbard and Matthew Green, are back with their brand new single I'm At A Loss which shows a big shift from their previous ultra-chill track, The Space In Between
As soon as I heard those bright, shimmering synths I knew I was in for a treat. I'm At A Loss is an upbeat indietronica track that comes in waves, peaking and crashing at just the right moments. Apart from the synths I am particularly fond of Nathanael Hubbard's gorgeous, expressive vocals which instantly draw our attention to their relatable storytelling. As the title implies, this is a song about what it means to be at a loss, about the overwhelming feeling of being lost in the unknown, yet breathing through the present, and holding high hopes for the future. 
Backing those gorgeous vocals and synths we have steady drum patterns, cool guitar plucks, warm rhythms and haunting harmonies that together create an overall warm, introspective atmosphere. This is a perfect song for a long drive back home after a long day at work. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Nathanael said,

The words, 'I’m at a loss' came to me out of the blue while Matt was showing me a new song idea he had been playing around with. The phrase intrigued me, so I reached out to our followers on Discord, and asked them what ‘I’m at a loss’ means to them. Their answers formed the inspiration for the lyrics of the song.