Xondra Shares New Single ‘Inner Child’

New York-based singer and songwriter Xondra has just shared her brand new single Inner Child, the latest single from her upcoming EP, Tedious & Brief
I am really enjoying her stirring vocals and how they are packed with so much passion and confidence, instantly drawing the listener's attention to her storytelling. Inner Child is a song about how siblings cope differently after growing up in the same toxic home environment, a relatable song wrapped around a polished pop-rock production with soaring guitar riffs, punchy drum patterns and a lively rock-inspired chorus perfect to sing along to. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Xondra said,
'Inner Child' is about how someone can have the same experience as you and come out with a completely different perspective. In this case in particular, it's about siblings who cope differently after growing up in a toxic home environment. I have always been very reluctant to write about this kind of thing because it is so personal. 'Inner Child’'is me validating what I went through, even if it’s too difficult for the other people involved to do the same. We all heal at our own pace and in our own way. This is me giving myself permission to be honest about my experience and how it impacted me. I am still moving through it and granting myself grace as I continue to heal because healing is never linear.