Tim Schou Shares New Single ‘Liar’
Following the release of his upbeat pop song Little bit of good, Danish singer and songwriter Tim Schou returns with yet another gem called Liar. 
Out now via Iceberg Records, Liar is another successful collaboration with Swedish star producer Anton Hård and is a track for all those who are not ready to settle down. I am really enjoying his confident vocal delivery which instantly captures our attention to his relatable storytelling, gliding beautifully over the hip-hop-inspired sounds. Apart from his gorgeous vocals I am particularly fond of the trap-hihat, cool guitar plucks, atmospheric violins and highly infectious chorus that makes Liar quite a memorable listening experience. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Tim Schou said, 
This one goes out to all those who put their mobile phone on the bedside table with the screen facing down when they sleep with their partner. To all of those who seek safety and presence, but are not ready to put the opposite on the shelf, to get it.