Tamas Bulla Shares New Single ‘Shower Thoughts’

American singer, songwriter and actor Tamas Bulla has just shared his brand new single Shower Thoughts, a catchy pop song that speaks to the phenomenon of being left to nothing but your thoughts in a warm, relaxing environment. 
I am really enjoying how passionate and powerful Tamas Bulla's vocal delivery is, soaring effortlessly over the polished production. His voice is definitely the star of the song, being backed by soaring guitar riffs, steady beat and strings that ebb and flow with intensity to match the emotion pouring from his voice. 
The music video has sharp visuals conceptualized by the artist himself, as he sings his heart out under the running shower and dives deep into a backyard pool. Both the song and visuals emphasize the meaning of the song and work together to elevate Tamas Bulla's creative vision.