Smith, Lyle & Moore Share New Single ‘Vampire’

Los Angeles-based trio Smith, Lyle and Moore have just shared their brand new single Vampire, an arena-ready piece of indie-pop music taken from their upcoming EP set to arrive on October 28th. 
I am loving Lyle's vocals (who is also the frontman of synth-pop duo The Midnight) as they have quite a distinctive tone and effortlessly make us feel each and every single word he is singing, instantly connecting us to their storytelling. Vampire is a relatable song about that moment in life when we realise we're adults now but we don't feel like it inside, feeling internally forever young. This message is beautifully backed by a polished production that pairs lush synths/strings with killer guitar riffs, punchy beat and an anthemic chorus that make the song perfect for arenas and to sing along to. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Andrew Smith said, 
I think there comes a point in most people’s lives when you realize that you’ve become an adult, but you don’t feel it inside. In our younger days, we have this idea that adulthood is felt innately and is a separate experience from childhood. But then you grow up and realize that there is no line that separates childhood from adulthood. The difference in childhood and adulthood is like a border drawn on a map: there’s no actual difference in the land on either side of the border. So, you’ll always be that same kid inside, even when you’ve crossed the border to “adulthood.” Vampire is about that moment. About feeling internally forever young, while you watch the world and your life grow and age and change around you.