Serena Foster Shares New Single ‘Favorite Place’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Serena Foster has just shared her brand new single Favorite Place, a happy, feel-good piece of music about being incredibly in love with someone. 
I am really enjoying the tone of Serena Foster's voice and how it glides beautifully over the warm production, instantly capturing our attention to her blissful love song. Favorite Place is a song about loving someone so much that it doesn't matter where you are in the world, as long as you're with them it will be your favourite place to be. The melodies are quite catchy with cool rhythms, subtle guitar plucks, groovy drum patterns and synths that together create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. 
Accompanying the release, Serena Foster shared its official music video, directed by Kate B, which effortlessly embodies the song's blissful atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Serena Foster said, 
I wrote “Favorite Place” about loving someone so much, that wherever they are - that is simply your favorite place to be - with them. Nothing compares to the feeling of being in your favorite place in the world right? So, what if your favorite place could actually be a person? Like the feeling of being home sweet home. Well that's what this song is all about. It is a perfect tune for the special person that you love more than any scenic or luxury destination in the world. Love can be a favorite place! I wrote this track with my friend and LA based producer, Cory Barker, when we both felt it was time to write a song about love. We are both in serious relationships ourselves, so it was super fun to write about love, something that is close to both of our hearts.