Sara Marie Barron Shares New Single ‘Shiver’

Detroit-based artist Sara Marie Barron has just shared her brand new single Shiver, a neo-soul piece of contemporary r&b. 
Taken from her Angel Numbers EP, which is out now, Shiver is a chilled out piece of music that beautifully showcases Sara Marie Barron's expressive, soulful vocals which are backed by a captivating blend of soul, jazz, r&b and pop elements. This is a song about being attracted to someone and is backed by a sultry, chilled out production with catchy rhythms and melodies that make it perfect for bedroom sessions or relaxing days at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Sara said, 
'Shiver' is about being attracted to somebody / lust. Wrote this when I was feeling extra spicy after being stuck inside for a long time. While it is about lusting after someone else, it's also a celebration of my own sexuality and confidence.