RIELL Shares New Single ‘Burn Our Bridges Down’

Canadian singer and songwriter RIELL has just shared her brand new single Burn Our Bridges Down, the latest single to be taken from her upcoming album, HYMNS FOR THE BITTER, slated for release in 2023. 
I am loving her powerful, emotional vocals which instantly command the listener's attention to her storytelling about wanting to burn everything to the ground to start over, badder and more powerful. Apart from her gorgeous vocals, I am particularly fond of the intricate guitar riffs and how they are seamlessly intertwined with a punchy beat that culminate in a dramatic, powerful chorus that enhances the emotion of her storytelling. Definitely one of those songs that will stick to your head right after the very first listen. Check it out below!



Speaking about the album and the song, RIELL said,
I wrote a 5 song EP about a breakup called WINTER, and I heard through the grapevine that the person I wrote it about listened to it, guessed it was about him, and said he didn’t like it. This got back to me and I wrote one last song about him which is ‘Burn Our Bridges Down’. It marks the transition track from my last EP to this new album and the beginning of my villain era.