Rich Delinquent Shares New Single ‘1800ifuckedup’ ft. Bobby Raps

Australian singer and songwriter Rich Delinquent has just shared his brand new single 1800ifuckedup, a killer blend of electro-pop/future bass elements. 
For this song, Rich Delinquent teamed up with vocalist, producer and songwriter Boby Raps (who has worked with The Weeknd), whose production skills as well as vocals make the song stand out even more. I am really enjoying the tone of Rich Delinquent's vocals, which are quite expressive and contrast beautifully with Bobby Raps's more honeyed tone. 1800ifuckedup continues Rich Delinquent’s fiercely unique sound know as emotronic, a blend of electronic and emotional pop music. I am really enjoying the punchy beat, cool electronics and how the song oozes so much emotion and warm vibes. Check it out below!