Paul Natural Shares New Single ‘Eat All My Money’ ft. Airplane Man

Paul Natural has just shared his brand new single Eat All My Money, the latest single to be taken from his forthcoming project, Only Friends, set to arrive on November 11th via Isotopia Records. 
Eat All My Money features talented duo Airplane Man, comprised of Daniel Feldmen and Tim Sommers, and is a song about how many people only reach that blissful feeling when spending money. I am really enjoying the smooth, expressive vocals and how they soar beautifully over a fresh sounding pop sonority that features intricate guitar riffs seamlessly intertwined with sub bass and expansive synths that together create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere. 
Speaking about the song, Paul Natural said, 
The inspiration for this song came from the summer before COVID hit NYC and Daniel had just moved to Brooklyn. Drawing directly from the lifestyle in our neighborhood that is full of artist and film crews at all times. One is always out and about consuming something. Then when lockdown hit the song took one a whole different meaning, which contributes to the duplicitous nature of the arrangement with the acoustic guitar gently leading you in until the sub bass hits you right in the chest…or…wallet? lol. 
Accompanying the release, Paul Natural has shared its captivating music video that you can check out below!



Speaking about the video, Paul added, 
I wanted this video to represent two very present themes in this song - the feeling of being on cloud 9 and the knowledge that the only way you get there is by spending money. The video begins in the obvious place, money falling, but I wanted to represent it in a more abstract form as well as place it in some form of a city. The fact that we have a self consuming cloud that swirls and seemingly draws its power from money is meant to illustrate the rapturous feeling of spending money on something like eating while also showing the chaotic nature of how most people living in NYC actually treat money. Lastly, the Airplane Man characters follow a recurring theme I have with all of these videos with each character being made of a material and a symbol that represents them - and what is more fitting than Aluminum and the two of them fusing together? Maybe a bunch of beautiful flying shots? Agreed.