Noé Solange Shares New Single ‘Bloom’

London based producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer Noé Solange has just shared her brand new single Bloom, a chilled out piece of dreamy indietronica. 
Produced by Noé between London and Indonesia, Bloom is laced with influences from her heritage, cross-continent upbringing alongside inspirations from nature. This is a song about self-discovery, healing and growth, whilst crafting an homage to women and their own journey, a message beautifully conveyed through Noé's gorgeous, expressive vocals which glide effortlessly over the uplifting, atmospheric and dreamy production. I am particularly fond of the blend of hypnotic synths, organic ambiences, steady drums and glistening Yangqin strings that together create and overall warm and dreamy atmosphere perfect for a laid-back weekend. Check it out below!