Mayé Shares New Single ‘Catch Cold’

Nigerian afropop Mayé has just shared his brand new single Catch Cold, a captivating R&B-flavoured piece of afropop music out now via Nigerian-based independent record label Quville Limited. 
I am really enjoying the warmth of the song and how expressive Mayé's vocals are, gliding beautifully over godOmarr's polished production. Catch Cold is a song about throwing shade at an ex-lover, a relatable message that is backed by a blend of pop, afrobeats and dancehall sensibilities that instantly make this quite a memorable listening experience. A great song for a chill weekend and you can check it out below!



Speaking about the inspiration behind the ‘Catch Cold’ single, Mayé says, 
this track is about a guy throwing shade at an ex-lover who didn’t appreciate him while they were in a relationship, and broke up with him because he was broke, but now that his luck has changed for the better, he wants to throw it back in her face. It is a very catchy song and will resonate with many people, especially anyone that felt abandoned by their lover or friends, because their finances were still catching up.