Luna Keller Shares New Single ‘Wolves’

Germany-based singer and songwriter Luna Keller has just shared her brand new single Wolves, a song that honours Alex and Lyca, a wonderful couple that became friends and supporters of Luna through her Twitch streams. 
Last year in October Lyca passed away from cancer, leaving Luna and her community grieving. After writing 6 songs that didn’t fully express how she felt she wrote Wolves and debuted the song at the 14 hour long virtual charity music festival that she organised with Alex to raise funds for the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in honour of Lyca who loved wolves immensely. 
This heartfelt song finds Luna beautifully showcasing her gorgeous, expressive vocals and enchanting harmonies atop intricate guitar riffs which are seamlessly intertwined with steady drum patterns and subtle piano keys, creating an overall warm, melancholic atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone. Wolves is not just a deeply personal song to Luna, it’s a song she got to give to her community and the people that loved Alex and Lyca to get through a really hard time. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Luna Keller said, 
Bringing this song to life was different than any other songs I have worked on. It wasn’t just about making the song good, it was about honouring my friends and creating something my community can find comfort in. I feel so grateful that I got to write this song for this community that means so much to me. I feel like it belongs to them too, and through its sadness it stands for the light we can bring into each others lives. The light that Alex and Lyca brought into every room they entered.