Lerocque Shares New Single ‘I’m Alright’

Portuguese-born, Swiss-raised/based singer and songwriter Pedro Rodrigues aka Lerocque has just shared his brand new single I'm Alright, an anthemic, self-love electro-pop cut out now via ONZE (SWUTCH Music). 
I'm Alright is a song about realising that we need to love ourselves first, to treat ourselves better before doing the same to others. This song is a ray of light in a world filled with adversity, encouraging listeners to be kinder to each other. This message is effortlessly conveyed through Lerocque's rich vocals which soar over an atmospheric, electro-pop production with cool rhythms and synths that create an overall uplifting, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Lerocque said, 
Self-doubts kills more dreams than failure ever will» - it’s hard but it’s true. The world can be a cruel place, I know. But every one of us can make it a little bit better with just little things like acceptance and kindness. And why not starting with yourself? Be nicer to you and you will be nicer to others.