Lazywax Shares Remix Of Supertaste’s Single ‘Spins’

DJ /Production act, Lazywax have just shared their discotheque-inspired remix of Spins by the Brooklyn-based duo Supertaste on Casablanca Sunset Records. 
The original version of Spins came out in 2021 and this time around Lazywax have added their smooth Italo-disco touch — sprucing up Spins and giving it club-friendly life. I am very fond of the way they kept some aspects of the original vocal arrangement and laid it atop an entirely new instrumentation adding their own eclectic take on an already impressive original arrangement. I am particularly fond of the funky up-tempo rhythm, spacey synths, dafty guitars, and a groovy bass line that makes the song perfect for the dance floor. As the epic remix progresses, the listener is introduced to a euphoric keyboard solo that provides a ‘jazz-house’ polyphony and proves the song only gets better the further you listen along. Check it out below!