Keri Sreb Shares New Single ‘YOUR MESS’

American artist kery Sreb has just shared her gorgeous new single YOUR MESS, taken from her 3-track EP ESC, out now via For Context Records. 
I am loving Ker Sreb's rich, soulful vocals which are packed with so much emotion, instantly connecting us to her storytelling. YOUR MESS is a song about having someone breaking your heart by saying they weren't emotionally available to be in a relationship, for you to find later they are back with their ex or in a new relationship. That hurts quite deep and I can relate as I've experienced the same thing, having someone saying they weren't ready for a relationship and a week later they were dating someone else... This message is backed by a captivating soulful, r&b production with a killer bass, guitar plucks and harmonies that create an overall warm, intimate atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Keri Sreb said, 
This is a song about when someone broke my heart long ago (3 months ago) when they told me they weren't "emotionally available" for a relationship and then I kid you not, a WEEK LATER THEY WERE BACK TOGETHER WITH THEIR EX😩😭