Jack Kane Shares New Single ‘Underdog’

London based newcomer Jack Kane has just shared his brand new single Underdog, the first single to be taken from his upcoming project. 
I am loving Kane's rich velvet vocals which soar effortlessly atop a sprawling arrangement, instantly capturing the listener's attention to his storytelling. Apart from his passionate vocal delivery, I am particularly fond of the guitar plucks which are seamlessly intertwined with catchy percussive elements and drum pattenrs that culminate in a high-energy, anthemic chorus perfect to sing along to. Underdog is one of those songs perfect to play when we're feeling low and want that extra dose of energy and confidence to hold on and keep on fighting. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jack Kane said,
Sometimes you just have an absolute stinker of a day where it feels like the world is actively using your misery as a punch line. I have a friend who had just had one of these days, and I took that concept into a session with the production genius that is Mack Jamison, and out came 'Underdog'. We decided on chords and a riff quickly, and within about two hours Mack had crafted the track and I had written the lyrics. Ironically it was one of those days where everything just goes right. Underdog is about keeping your chin up in tough times and holding onto that fighting spirit we’re all born with.