Gold Spectacles Share New Single ‘Felines’

London-based collaborative multi-instrumentalist, songwriting and producing duo Gold Spectacles have just shared their brand new single Felines, an upbeat indie-pop song. 
Written, recorded and self produced in their modest South London studio, Felines is a song that hones in on the darkside of modern life… loans, social debts and raw deals. This relatable message is beautifully conveyed through their gorgeous vocals that are backed by a prominent bassline, plucky guitars and a beaten up mellotron that together create an overall upbeat atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, they said,
The idea behind 'Felines' is a nod to the tale of Robert Johnson falling to his knees on the crossroads, looking for an exit and in desperation, making a deal with a stranger that will change his life forever. Greatness in exchange for a great debt. These days, we've all felt part of the machine; as if we’re doing all the labour to save fat cats in high places lifting a finger. Safe to say, if we were given the same contract, same terms, on those same crossroads, we'd probably sign it. Whatever the cost.