Gbeke Shares New Single ‘Top Priority’

Up-and-coming R&B/afrobeat star Gbeke has just shared her brand new single Top Priority, an uplifting self-love anthem that might be her most organic, authentic, and unapologetic 
Gbeke production yet. I am really enjoying the tone of Gbeke's voice and how confident and soulful her vocal delivery is, effortlessly capturing the feelings and emotions of her relatable storytelling. Top Priority shares an empowering message - to treat yourself as a priority, to see and know your self-worth, to look within and be yourself. This message is backed by a captivating Afrobeat production with R&B vibes that together create an overall warm and laid-back atmosphere. The accompanying visuals tell her story in a way that connects with and encourages others who can relate to her complex emotions and life occurrences. The focus of the entire video is on Gbeke, as the song's theme reinforces it should be. Check it out below!